Alethea Spencer

Alethea Spencer is a Los Angeles- based makeup artist from Richmond, Virginia. Growing up immersed in both the fine and performing arts, Alethea has an extensive background in film production, makeup, studio art, photography, and video/digital media. She began experimenting with character makeup during high school theater productions and continued studying character and effects makeup while also completing her Bachelor of Arts with the School for Media Arts and Design at James Madison University. In 2016, Alethea placed in the Top 20 for the NYX Face Awards, an annual international makeup competition sponsored by L'Oréal & NYX Cosmetics. In 2017, Alethea taught a seminar on special effects makeup at the Washington, D.C. Shorts Festival. Today, Alethea is an active hair and makeup artist, producer, and art director in Los Angeles.



NYX Cosmetics
Discovery Channel
NOS Energy Drink
Pair of Theives
The Raw Word
Vegas Jones
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Fadi Jano
D.C. Shorts Film Festival
Fernando Madrigal
Kung Fu Tea, Inc.
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